Okamoto Legal Disclaimer

OKAMOTO USA INC, a subsidiary of OKAMOTO INDUSTRIES INC – Tokyo, JAPAN (collectively, "OKAMOTO"), imports and sells the following U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") registered condoms in the United States:

  • CROWN®
  • ZERO ZERO FOUR - Almost Nothing® (Please visit our official website: www.004condoms.com)
  • CR®

OKAMOTO does not sell any other brands of condoms in the United States. Nonetheless, it has recently come to OKAMOTO's attention that certain third parties are purchasing other OKAMOTO-branded condoms abroad and attempting to resell the same in the United States without OKAMOTO's authorization and without FDA registration. OKAMOTO strongly discourages this practice, and recommends that its valued customers only purchase the above OKAMOTO condom brands, each of which are FDA registered.

Any other condoms distributed here in the states (not listed above) are being marketed without U.S. FDA registration.

Any use of condoms not registered at U.S. FDA cannot be guaranteed for quality and will not be provided customer support.

Also, Okamoto will not provide support of those unregistered condoms pertaining to any issues with the U.S. Government (such as the FDA).

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